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Maturity for Growth

I believe in the essence of humanity and the potential of human beings.

Maturity for growth means prioritizing quality over quantity to create a worthwhile future for organizations and society.

Inner Work for New Work

I am an enthusiast of the new world of work. I support organizations in becoming smarter and more agile. However, I acknowledge that tools alone are not a panacea. New work begins within. My approaches are based on what drives, hinders, and motivates people and their organizations. For me, new work also entails continuously working on and with my inner self.

New Work for New Economy

My contribution goes beyond just serving organizations; I recognize my societal mission as well. I believe that the prosperity of a society is not solely based on increasing resources, but rather on the diversity of resources. To me, acting with a future-oriented mindset means being ecologically conscious, reflective, and humane in our actions.

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